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Escape to Adventure Safaris

Escape to adventure Safaris is based in Victoria falls Zimbabwe. What country is Victoria Falls in? The Victoria Falls is a water fall in Southern Africa (View Map of Africa) on the Zambezi river at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. If you are planning to take a holiday in Zimbabwe please visit the travel state gov website for general info. For happy holidays Escape to Adventure Safaris will take the burden from you and prepare a royal holday for your visit in Africa. For a cultural tourist nothing beats a tour to our local village where you can experience our traditional way of living. We offer budget tours and travels through our carefully crafted itineraries without compromising the quality of the tour. We offer services of a Spanish speaking guide.

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Chobe Day trip/2 Nights Victoria falls


$260 / $10 National Park Fees
Cultural Tourist

Monde/Chisuma Village Tour

$50.00 /Per person
Includes 3 Nights Accommodation

Victoria Falls Explorer

$455.00 / Per Person
Includes 2 nights accommodation

Vicfalls Adventure

$250.00 / Per Person
Victoria Falls Tour

Guided Tour of the Falls

$50.00 / Per Person
Victoria Falls Bridge

Bungee Jump

$150.00 / Per Person